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Are Termites Eating Away at your Home? Contact our Orange County Termite Inspection Team NOW!


Even if you haven't seen any termites in your home, they could be eating your house right now. Do your window sills ever have a little sawdust you can't explain? Do you ever see termites or other pests in your home?  If ants or pincher bugs can get in, so can termites. Since termites love Southern California weather as much as we do, you need to protect your home through the most comprehensive termite inspection Orange County has to offer. BugOut can help.

It Only Takes an Hour:

In about an hour a professional termite inspector from BugOut Termite Control can do a complete inspection and tell you if there are termites eating away at your home.  If you have termites, your inspector will tell you how bad, and show you options for getting rid of them and repairing the damage.  Even if you don't have termites now, your professional inspector from BugOut Pest Termite Control will show you options to keep termites out and protect your home from further damage.  Many of our programs include environmentally friendly options.

At BugOut Termite Control we guarantee our work and are always there for you.   BugOut Termite Control has been offering effective termite control solutions since 1985, helping preserve our customers' homes against the ever present termite threat.

Getting rid of termites may sound like an intimidating task but, with our experience on your side, you can't go wrong. BugOut has been ridding Orange County homes of termite infestations for over two decades. Our solutions are fast, affordable, and carefully formulated to deliver 100% satisfaction.

Here's how we perform the kind of termite inspection Orange County homeowners can rely on:

STEP 1: Inspection

We make it a point to schedule termite inspections at each customer's convenience. It takes about an hour for our certified BugOut Termite Control professionals to complete the process.

STEP 2: Solution

After thoroughly inspecting the exterior and the interior of the property, our termite control professional explains the findings to the occupant who is then advised on the available treatment options for the property.

STEP 3: Protection

The goal of BugOut Termite Control is to render each customer's home pest-free and we deliver on that commitment. We offer annual termite warranties for our services and advise customers on how to further termite-proof their properties.

Call Today for a complete termite inspection before it is too late – 800-983-7648

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