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Long Term Protection


The BugOut All Pest Defense System

Eliminating bugs begins with a three step system.  Orange County offers a wide variety of climates and pest problems that can challenge any homeowner.  The bugs living in the cooler beach communities like Newport Beach and Huntington Beach present a different problem than those living in the warmer and drier climates of Costa Mesa or Irvine. 

The higher summer temperatures of the Inland Empire, Anaheim and Orange present another pest control challenge.  You aren’t going to find a long term solution at the big box stores – you will just find more bug spray.  Only a professional can help you find a long term solution that fits your pest control problemBugOut Pest Control has over 25 years of experience in the different climates of Orange County

How would you like to have a protective barrier around your home that never takes a day off? That's exactly what the BugOut All Pest Defense program provides. BugOut has developed a pest control program that achieves long-term pest prevention through a variety of effective and environmentally conscious pest management practices.

The BugOut All Pest Defense program begins with a thorough pest control inspection of the interior and exterior of your home, including crawl spaces and attics.  We start by sealing any areas where pests might get in.  Next your Pest Control professional from BugOut will protect your home's exterior, preventing bugs from getting in at all.

Finally, we use active pest management as the remaining line of defense.  If required, we apply targeted methods to effectively eliminate all pests that have already gained access to the inside of your home.

Call a professional with over 25 years of experience in Orange County and Southern California Pest Control.  Call today and ask about our BugOut All Pest Defense program for your home - 800-983-7648

Our products are environmentally friendly.

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