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Pest Control


Identify The Problems

If you have bugs or other pests in your home, at BugOut we know you want them gone today.  The truth that the home stores don’t want you to know is that all bugs, pests and homes are different.  Have you ever noticed how many bug sprays there are?  The reason there are so many sprays is that there are many different kinds of pests.  Controlling pests in Orange County with its many microclimates can be challenging.  On some days Orange County offers many different climates within minutes of each other.  Have you ever driven to the beach on a nice warm day only to find you were cold when you got there? Those temperature extremes just miles apart create different pest control challenges for a homeowner. 

Some pests bring others with them.  You might have a flea problem, only to find out there is a mouse problem.  The mice can bring fleas!  Now you have a rodent control issue which created a pest control issue.  You will never get rid of the fleas if you don’t get rid of the rodents first.

Effective pest control management is a process, not a one-time event, and it starts with a pest control inspection to correctly identify your pest problemsBugOut Pest Control is environmentally friendly to your home..

BugOut maintains an ongoing cycle of three critical activities that help control and keep pests where they belong, out of your home.
BugOut Pest Control professionals are trained to identify your pest threat and risk areas. The first step in any pest control plan is to properly inspect, identify, and evaluate all the underlying reasons pests invade your home.  Call for an inspection today 800-983-7648

Customized Pest Control For Your Home

If you wait until bugs occupy your home it might be too late.  This is called reactive pest management.  Reactive pest management solutions are inconvenient, less effective over time, and carry the added cost of eliminating pests.  Your only effective solution is to employ an Integrated Pest Management program (IPM). 

BugOut Pest Control will design an effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution to get to the source of your pest control issues and treat your problem areas with environmentally conscious solutions for your family, pets and the planet.  BugOut’s customized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions effectively target cockroaches, silverfish, ants, and other common household pests at the source where they appear inside or outside your home all year round. 

The second step in the BugOut pest control program is to create a custom Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution that fits your home and your pest problems.  Call 800-983-7648 today to stop the bugs before they take over.

Regular Pest Control Preventative Maintenance

Bugs and other pests are always looking for a new home; don’t let it be your home.  The neighbor’s dog passing by can drop off fleas, the Termite spray next door can chase termites to your home, or the house plant you just bought may bring unwanted guests (or pests) with it. 

The threat and source of new bugs and pests headed to your home is continually present - and BugOut is always ready.

The third and most critical activity in the BugOut pest control cycle is preventative maintenance. We have over 25 years of experience in the Southern California area, ongoing training for our technicians, and an environmentally responsible methodology. That is why many valued customers choose BugOut for all their pest control needs. With extensive experience, our highly trained professionals will protect you and your home.

Don't just call any exterminator. Call the experts at BugOut 800-983-7648


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