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Is Your Home At Risk For Termites?


Do You -

Have Water Around Your House, Near Exterior Walls?

  • Run-off moisture, drainage
  • Condensation under home for raised floor homes
  • Wood house framing, debris in crawl space
  • Landscape timbers, mulch, stumps


Do You Cool and Heat Your Home?

  • Yes, just like you, A/C and Heat makes Termites happy too.


Have Termite Welcome Mats?

  • Tiny cracks in stucco or foundations welcome termites in.
  • Termites can get in through Concrete slabs or basement foundations
  • Termites can enter around utility pipes
  • Termites can burrow under veneers: stucco, brick, wood


Have Termite Hot Spots?

  • A crack in the foundation as thin as an average business card (1/32") is all the space termites need to move into your home. If you see puddles of water next to your house, or have wood piles, tool sheds, or anything else up against the sides of your home, you could be helping termites eat your home. Regular inspections of your home by a termite specialist can help identify clues of termite invasion.

Are you worried about the risk of termite infestation, and damage to your home?
-Call BugOut Termite Control for an Inspection Today! – 800-983-7648

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