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Have A Few Annoying Visitors?


Annoying Visitors?

Have you noticed the pitter patter of footsteps on your ceiling at night? Were you walking down the side of your house recently and notice that the screen vent on your outside wall was knocked loose or that a hole was chewed in the screen? Have you noticed cracks or holes in the exterior finish of your home? Even cracks or holes as small as ΒΌ of an inch and be open doors to all types of pest. Then it is time to contact BugOut and inquire about our All Pest Defense System where we will inspect your home and recommend the steps necessary to help you rid your home of unwanted visitors. Our methods include:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common sense prevention methods and extensive knowledge of the target pest and their habitats. IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. Using these most current and best pest control methods available our technicians are able to manage the pest activity and damage in the most economic means with the least hazard to our customers, their property and our environment.

Live Bee Removal

Ridding you of your bee infestation but preserving the colony and their honey.

Animal trapping and removal

We understand you have unwanted visitors from time to time. At BugOut we can trap these animals and relocate them thus ridding you of your pest problem and offering these animals the ability to start a new life elsewhere.


In 2004 our company adopted a termite treatment process we call DuoFoam, which is a combination of several chemicals which, mixed together, create a potent cocktail that not only is quite deadly to termites, but also offers preventative, as well as protective measures against further infestations of termites and fungus. We have been very successful utilizing this process for treatment of dry wood termites and have found this process to be very popular with our multi-unit properties because of its success rate without the inconvenience of relocating your tenants or residents.

Orange Oil

As with our DuoFoam process BugOut offers the use of Orange Oil to perform local treatments to the area of infestation without the inconvenience of relocating your tenants or residents.

Heat Treatment

Heat can by used to help you rid your home of a variety of pests including termites and bed bugs. By focusing intense heat of approximately 130 degrees F in a concentrated area for a period of time we can treat a colony of termites or bed bugs.

Our products are environmentally friendly.

Our products are environmentally friendly.

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