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We offer plans for multi-residence, property management companies and real estate services.

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2910 E La Palma Ave, Suite E
Anaheim CA USA 92806

About BugOut


Serving Orange County for over 25 years

Since 1985 BugOut has been serving the termite control needs of customers throughout Southern California.

During the past three years, BugOut has made several changes to better serve our customers and make it easier to live in your home pest free. BugOut has added general contracting services so that we can offer one place that can get the bugs out and repair the damage. We expanded our services to make it easier for you.

Homeowners, Real Estate Agents and Property Managers have all told us they appreciate the ability to make one call and work with one company that can handle the entire problem. We can handle your problem to..

DuoFoam℠ was created by BugOut in 2004 to address the unique problems and environmental conditions of Southern California. DuoFoam℠ is just one more tool that BugOut has to help you live bug free.

DuoFoam℠ termite control is a multi part system that is not only deadly to termites, but also offers preventative and protective measures against further termite infestations and fungus. DuoFoam helps reduce the need to tent your home and therefore reduces your impact on the environment when controlling termites. At BugOut, we care about the Southern California environment, after all, we live here too.

BugOut has been very successful utilizing our multi purpose DuoFoam℠ process for the treatment of dry wood termites. DuoFoam℠ termite control is also very popular with owners and managers of apartments, condo’s and other multi-unit properties because many times it eliminates the inconvenience of relocating tenants/residents. Commercial, hotel, motel and apartment buildings can all benefit from the DuoFoam℠ Termite Control process.

BugOut continues to invest in the latest in methods and technology to enhance our ability to keep your home pest and termite free which allows BugOut to better serve our customers now and in the future.

One of the major technology investments we made for our customers is the addition of new and revamped computer software which provides better communication with our customers. This new software includes our Customer Account Access portal giving you up to date information about your own pest control solution and the status of the work completed. We’ve added GPS to our vehicles so our technicians can get to you as quickly as possible. BugOut technicians carry smart phones in the field allowing for better pest monitoring and communication when working for you.

BugOut focuses on state of the art/cutting edge termite and pest treatments; such as infrared devices to help aid in the detection of termite colonies; orange oil, and DuoFoam℠ as more convenient and effective termite treatment options for the customer; and heat treatment for bed bugs and termites. All these services are provided to help your home stay pest free longer.

Our mission statement is simple: We’ll keep your home pest free so you can enjoy living there.

As part of our mission we pledge to:
Provide the most current products and technologies available to our customers by using the safest and most effective solution to their pest and termite problems.

Our aim is to deliver the best service available in the industry. After all, taking care of the pest problem is important, but moreover, offering complete customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

You will find that your relationship with BugOut is about much more than pests or termites. At BugOut we want to be your pest and termite control partner for life.

All of our termite services come with a one, two, or thee year warranty. Once the original warranty is expired, you will have the option to purchase continual termite and pest protection/maintenance with our All Pest Defense Program, a way to regularly maintain the property against further termite and/or other pest infestations.

We offer a whole host of other benefits such as construction improvements, home maintenance, and general property repairs. When you contact BugOut you meet; "Your Partner in keeping your home pest free", and you gain a friend for life!

Don't just call just any exterminator.

Call the experts at BugOut 800-983-7648

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